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If you are using WordPress you probably might be wondering on how to create gallery with WordPress. Actually on there are many plugins for this and some themes are built for this purpose with beautiful designs. But without use  of any plugins and such themes also you can easily and quickly create gallery for your posts and pages in WordPress. There is a default option in the WordPress to create gallery for your page and post.

We will explore the steps here.

Easy steps to add gallery to your post and pages.

Step 1: Go to your post or page on your dashboard. And on post content you will have option Add Media.


Step 2: Now click on add gallery.


Step 3: Choose multiple images for the gallery and click on create gallery.




You can now get the gallery you created for your post in the fronted.


Remember:  You also can get a short code for that gallery you created which you can use to other posts or page to get the same gallery.