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How to Reset WordPress Login Details From Database

Resetting WordPress password from database(PhpMyAdmin) is one of the essential thing you should know. This is really helpful if your site is hacked, or if you no longer have access to your site, or you can’t reset password with normal ways using email.

WordPress uses a MySQL Database which can be accessed through your phpMyAdmin
Let’s start
In your cPanel find MySQL database and then browse it via phpMyAdmin. Once you are there, open your current database. Now you can see many tables there.
Now just click on the table wp_users,

you can either edit existing data or insert new record to the table so that you can use this information as your new login details.

Now change the value of user_login which will be your username and change value of user_pass don’t forget to choose MD5 for user_pass because WordPress stores your password in MD5 encryption.


Hope this article will help you to reset your password. But if you are still confusing or if you need our help on this please just drop your email at support@blog.wpoperation.com we will be soon back to you.