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How To Speed Up WordPress Site

Are you searching to speed Up your WordPress site, we have a article that covers all the things you should know to speed up WordPress site. It is worth explaining you  why speed matters .

There are couple of thing that depends upon speed of your site which are listed below

  • Web Hosting: Web hosting server which is now configured well can damage your site speed
  • WordPress Configuration: If your WordPress site is not serving cached pages, it will overload your server causing your site slow.
  • Bad Plugins: Lots of plugins are available in WordPress and if you are using poorly coded plugin that will damage your site’s speed.
  • Bad Theme: If you are using the theme which is poorly coded without optimizing this will decrease your site’s speed.
  • Page Size: Using image that are not optimized.
  • External Scripts: External scripts such as font loader, ads etc .

These are the main thing which are responsible in killing your WordPress speed, let’s take a look at how to speed up your site.

Check Your Website Speed

Your site may seems to load normally this is due to the latest browsers like chrome, firefox etc. which stores a cache when you visit your site and can load faster while visiting often.

But you should really check the speed of your site to find out it’s exact speed with the tool like pingdom

It is a free online tool which lets you test your site’s speed from different location.

After running website test, you might be wondering what’s a good website speed that i should aim for?

A good page load time is under 2 seconds.

Importance of Good WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting service plays an important role in website performance. A good hosting provider takes extra measures to optimize your website for performance.

However, on shared hosting you share the server resource with many other customers.
Which means if your neighbouring site gets a lot of traffic, then it can impact the entire server performance
which in turn will slow down your site.

On the other hand, using a managed WordPress hosting service give you the most optimized server configuration to run WordPress.

Speed Up WordPress

Making changes to your website configuration can be a terrifying for beginners.
But don’t worry, we are here to help you. We will show you how to speed up your WordPress site with just a few


Install a Caching Plugin

WordPress pages are dynamic. This means they’re built on the fly every time someone visits a post or page on your site.
To build your pages, WordPress has to run a process to find the required information, put it all together, and then finally display it to your users.

This process involves a lot of steps, and it can slow down your website when you have multiple people visiting your site at once.
That’s why installing caching plugin to your WordPress website is great idea. Caching can make your WordPress site anywhere from 2x to 5x faster.

When a user visits your WordPress site, your server retrieves information from a MySQL database and your PHP files, and then it’s all put together into a HTML content which is served to the user. It’s a long process, you can skip a lot of it when you use caching instead.

There are lots of caching plugins available for WordPress, like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache etc.


Optimize Images

Images bring life to your contents. Researchers have found that using colored visuals makes people 80% more likely to read your content.

But if your images aren’t optimized, they can be hurting more that helping. In fact, non-optimized images are one of the most common speed issues seen on beginner websites.

Before you upload a photo directly from your phone or camera, we recommend that you use photo editing software to optimize images for web.

You can optimize images using tools like TinyPNG


Minify Js & CSS

Minify is a programming term that basically means to remove any unnecessary characters that are not required for the code to execute. Minifying your code speeds up your page loading, making visitors and search engines happy.

There are several ways to minify your files in WordPress, you can either use free plugins or can use online tools like Closure Compiler for JS and CSS Minifire for css


By above methods your site will be optimized and every one loves optimized site. With optimized site your visitors will be attracted and are more likely to visit again.