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WordPress 4.8 is available on June 8, 2017 with some great changes and enhancements. You might be wondering what’s new in WordPress 4.8. Here in this article we will include some of the great changes which you will love to try after updating your WordPress.

New Media Widgets

In this update there are many changes on WordPress widgets and three new widgets have been added for video, audio and image.

Previously for video, image and audio you have to use some other plugins and may be some codes which was a bit more difficult. But now WordPress have made this process a lot easier by adding built in widgets.

Video Widget

WordPress 4.8 includes video widget to easily upload video to your sidebar or upload video from YouTube or Vimeo. You need to click on “Add Video” and you will see video uploader where you can paste video link from YouTube or vimeo , or you can upload video directly.

We recommend you to upload video from video streaming sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Audio Widget

Same as video widget WordPress 4.8 also includes audio widget with which you can easily upload audio to your site.

You will have to press “Add Audio” and you will get audio uploader where you can paste link to audio or can upload your audio.

Image Widget

You also will get Image widget in new WordPress 4.8 with which you can easily upload images to your WordPress sites. All you need to press is “Add Image” button and you will get get options to add image to your site.

Improved Text Widget

WordPress 4.8 also has improved old text widget with visual editor now it have made a lot easier to use the text widget and edit text.


These are only new changes to WordPress widgets and in WordPress these are not only new changes. There are many other bug fix and changes which you can check on WordPress site